Newfoundlands & Polish Lowland Sheepdogs


 Southern Counties Canine Association 2017

We are so happy with our beautiful girl Sensitivity Blisss Nikita at Lindgreave (imp POL)

gaining her first CC 

Judge Renee Spore-Willes

We Could not be more proud of Rebecca who handled Nikita superbly 

A massive thank you to Monika Miluska her breeder for our beautiful girl 


 Mr Chips (Mybeards Choco) & Raven (Lindgreave Pon Harmony)

6 Puppies Born on the 11th November 2017 


My name is Jane Lindley and my partner is Brian Corker.

My interest in dogs started when i was a child, my mum and my nan both bred yorkshire terriers and at the age of 15 i had my first dog a maltese terrier. When he was one years old he sadley passed away this was because of an eating disorder.  When i was 17 my mum no longer kept any dogs, i had always wanted a larger breed of dog and asked if i could have a Newfoundland she said "No because it was too big and drooley", so i suggested a bernese mountain dog ( as big but not as drooley). After a lot of pestering she said "Ok"! So i went to a breeder who had one bitch puppy left out of a litter and it was very nervous and was being sick all the time, and when i took it to the vet for a health check he adviced me to return it back to the breeder.

( There is a funny story of how i got my first bearded collie, any one who asks i will tell them but i wont bore you with that now) My first beardie was Coco in 1984 who i bought as a pet from Dandy Brush Kennels. When i left home and got married i got Carley a Banacek Beardie who's blood line went back to the well known Osmart Kennel. This is when i started showing and breeding Beardies, i was still interested and admired newfoundlands at the shows when i saw them. I retired my Beardies in 1996 after having twins, I got divorced in 1999 and sadly lost my last Beardie(meggy) in 2002.

Then in 2005 i met Brian who had never been owned by a dog. Talking and getting to know each other i told him of my love for dogs and about the shows and showed him picture's of my beardies he said "He would like for us to have another dog", i had always vowed i would never have another dog again after the very sad loss of Meggy. So Brian and the kids pesterd me as i did my mum all those years ago and eventually i gave in!! I said "The only breed of dog i would consider having was a Newfy" (Brian didnt know what one was lol !! ) 

So i took him to a dog show to show him a Newfy in real life as picture's dont quite show their size, there we met John Burrows(Mayoss) Who was showing 'Summer's' dad at the time and thanks to John and Gloria we were then owned by our first Newfy (Summer).

I do still love bearded collies but would find it hard to have another one, i had seen polish lowland sheepdogs at shows and thought how lovely they were, so when we met our good friends Anne and Terry Springthorpe who have Newfs and Pon's we were hooked and was added to their puppy list and along came our first PON ( Pebble)

I am now Trainer & social events organiser at Barking Mad Ringcraft that we both run two nights a week, I have also judged at training club match nights and i am looking to judging at open shows.

This is the start of Lindgreave Newfs and PON's and we look forward to making a lot of new friends and being owned by more healthy Newfs and PON's.

All  our dogs are health checked and live in the family home with us and 4 kids.