Newfoundlands & Polish Lowland Sheepdogs


Millthorpe Princess Regal to Lindgreave 

Hip score - 10 (4/6)

Eye test- clear


Millthorpe Princess Regal To Lindgreave born on 07/11/08  What a special little girl she is. Thanks to Anne & Terry Springthorpe for letting us be owned by her. She came into our home on 01/01/2009(New Years day) and what a start to the year it was!

She chewed everything the staircase the wall and even decided it was time to strip the wallpaper. She prefered to wee in the warm house rather than outside, she took control of every toy in the house and doesn't know the meaning of  the word SHARE! Her favorite toy is her ball.

After all this she is intelligent, sweet natured and very faithful. She has lots of good qualities, we feel she could take on tracking and obedience work which she does in her time out of the show ring.

When Pebble started ring craft she was quite the little poser, this has continued in the show ring with her winning many firsts at open and champ shows. the most memorable of these was when she won Best Puppy bitch and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW it the Polish Lowland Sheepdog Championship show in Oct 2009 judged by the top breeder and breed specialist in Poland (Barbara Larska). We were all so proud of her that day!

She has qualified for Crufts 2011 after getting a second in special junior at Crufts this year.